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New Beginnings

Founded by Eleanor "Mom" Workman in 1974, Christian Haitian Outreach (CHO) supports the orphans, children, and poor of Haiti. We are excited to announce that Mom's precious son, Dr. Franco Jean-Louis is now overseeing CHO and all operations in Haiti. He is continuing Mom Eleanor's vision and honoring her legacy through the care of her precious children and organization.

Send donations via Zelle to (305) 458-1098

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CHO Important Updates

The Main CHO campus in Mariani, Carrefour needs extensive repair and updates. Because of this, the children have been relocated. We were able to secure a beautiful home in Clercine, Tabarra for our 33 children, ages 3 to 17 and special needs adults. This location is only a 10 minute drive to the airport, which is much easier for visitors.

We have also rented a home in Mahotiere, Carrefour for our young adults ages 18-26 and their supervisor. These young men will be enrolled in trade school this fall to equip them for success as independent adults.

Our Church on the Mariani Campus is still in operation with two Pastors and 200 members. However, due to the COVID-19 virus, they are not permitted to meet at this time.
We are starting a sponsorship program, which will allow individuals to sponsor a child’s education or feed a child monthly. We will also encourage donors to sponsor orphanage workers.

Our Mission

Christian Haitian Outreach is a multifaceted ministry reaching out to heal, educate, feed and house the hurting children on Haiti. We are dedicated to:


Providing Total Health, Education & Welfare Cafe for Each Child

Being an orphanage or children's agency for Haitian children

Evangelizing the country of Haiti

Winning souls, providing Christian education, training, and discipleship programs for the Haitian Christiains, both leadership and laity.

Founder - Mom Eleanor Workman

Eleanor Workman is a missionary whose heart beats for a single purpose, to share Jesus with the poor people of Haiti and rescue abandoned babies in this impoverished island nation. She began in 1974 when she found infant twins on a garbage dump with their terminally ill mother, who had been evicted from her little hut because she could not pay the $3.00 per month for rent. The mother then signed her babies over to Eleanor Workman before she died, and the orphanage ministry was born.  Eleanor acquired land, built a building and her family grew rapidly.

CHO's ministry came into being because Eleanor Workman, a choir director and active church worker with a successful job, heard the call to full-time missions work. She answered the call by laying aside her own ambitions and dedicating her life to serve needy children in Haiti. She has seen countless miracles of supply and intervention despite impossible circumstances. Her life and ministry inspire others to totally commit themselves to God and see His divine purposes fulfilled in their lives.

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